Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving, Part 1: The Food

I was lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving again in Atlanta with some of my mom's side of the family. But unlucky enough to spend it away from Drew, who stayed at home to work and take care of our mini-farm.

My contribution: two homemade, organic pumpkin pies. OK, so the crusts were pre-made. One I sweetened with stevia, the other with turbinado and maple sugar. The eggs were from our chickens, and the heavy cream was from Trickling Springs. And I added my own secret ingredient: ground cardamom. I also made fresh whipped cream to serve with it, with a dash of stevia and vanilla extract. To try for next year's whipped cream: adding ginger powder (an idea from Nancy)! Drew is now requesting that I make one just for us two...

3:17 pm

4:45 pm

5:32 pm

6:24 pm

7:03 pm

Exterior, clockwise from front-most corner: Benny's Cucumber-Dill Mold; Canned Cranberry Sauce; Marie's Sugar-free Sweet Potato & Pecan casserole; Mom's Turkey Gravy; Isadora's Sourdough & Mushroom Stuffing (new this year!) ; Mom's Sweet Potato & Marshmallow (with pineapple!) casserole; Mashed Potatoes; Aunt Sara's Hashbrown casserole; Aunt Sara's Green Bean & Artichoke casserole; Isadora's "Bird" Stuffing; Turkey Platter #1; Isadora's Casserole Stuffing.

Interior, front to back: Marie's Dinner Rolls; Turkey Platter #2; Mom's Corn Pudding.

Not Pictured: Mom's Apple Crisp (oh, sweet Jesus); Isadora's Pecan Pie (also a family fave).


Variations of Potato: 4
Casseroles: 7
Molds: 2
Pounds of Turkey: 16
People at Dinner Table: 9
Meals Made from Leftovers: at least 4
Best Meal Made from Leftovers: Mom's Biscuit 'n Turkey Pot Pie
People Sick This Year: 2

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