Monday, June 25, 2012

This summer is already a whirlwind

I am fully aware that my posting has been pretty erratic lately, but I have good excuses, I promise! I've been in the midst of a jewelry-making wave, my family has been visiting in shifts for the past few weeks, and Drew and I are preparing for our first big party here at our mountainside home. I'll catch you up chronologically:

 My sister Isadora came to visit immediately upon her return to the U.S. from a trip to Israel. One of our first outings was to The Loft gallery in Culpeper, VA. Super cool space! If you're in the area, it's definitely worth checking out (but note that it's only open on the weekends).

See my work in the jewelry display case? I've got 6 or 7 pieces there altogether, two of which are the beaded cuffs in the center. My mom, Deborah Mosch, also has work in this gallery!

We went on a hike,

made tons of food, and learned some songs. Click here to see more photos from Isadora's perspective...

And just when I was starting to go through family withdrawal when Isadora left (sniff, sniff), my mom came! We spent a night at a haunted B&B in Harpers Ferry. There were a lot of rules which we immediately broke one right after the other, but the views were amazing and the late night talks on the porch I wouldn't trade for anything.

Mom was on the constant search for examples in nature of atmospheric perspective for her classes, so every once in a while she would give me a mini heart attack and make me pull the car over. Here is one such instance as we drove through the Virginia countryside to pick up a birthday cake for my (soon to be visiting) dad. Chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream icing and chocolate ganache from Triple Oak Bakery. Need I say more?

After my dad arrived, we drove up to visit family in Coudersport, PA to stay at another B&B. Frosty Hollow is a little slice of heaven. And I had no idea that was their motto until just this second after I typed that when I was making a link to their website.

They grow a lot of the food used in their country breakfasts each morning (including eggs from their chickens!)

Then my dad visited for a couple days on his way back home to Georgia. We went to the Alamo Drafthouse theater to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. And yes, it was as entertaining as it sounds. If you have a Drafthouse in your area, it is worth every extra mile to drive to it. The ticket prices aren't any more than a crappy I mean normal theater, and you get waited on hand and foot the whole time.

Drew, my dad, and I also took a day trip down to visit Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson. Good thing all three of us are nerdy and are totally entertained by living history. It was so fun! Not to mention how beautiful it is there. Think ride-less theme park + nature trails + heirloom gardens + 1780s United States.

On another note, I finally mustered up the time, energy, and motivation to paint this Craigslist bookcase to put in our bathroom. Could it be because... (drumroll, please) Drew and David got the faucet installed on our clawfoot tub!!! The bathroom is really coming together now!