Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Time

I had a few days off work (the real, paying job), so I took that opportunity to trek down to Savannah to visit the family. My dad knew I was coming, and he was able to hide it from my mom, who didn't know. So I surprised her! I just casually snuck into the living room and leaned on her chair, asking, "Whatchya watching?" I think I might have given her a little heart attack. But it was totally worth it. And then I was the only one who knew that my sister would be joining us the next day, so we planned her arrival while we were all out running errands. She parked her car down the street, and was just sitting in the kitchen like nothing was out of the ordinary. Heart attack numero dos for mama.

 We sat down at the dock a couple nights in a row to watch the tide correspond with the vultures congregating on the electricity poles, then one by one flying off at dusk.

 And has anyone ever seen a squirrel napping? No, scratch that. I mean two squirrels napping??!!

 This is the cuff I finished whilst in Savannah. I call it "Charmer" (Drew's idea was Snake Charmer). When it's being worn, the feather bead resembles a reptilian eye...

When it's flat, it looks like a cobra, ready to strike. I hadn't even noticed any of this until Drew came up with the idea for the name. And it wasn't until I was posting it on my Etsy page that I realized it's a feather bead, completing the full circle of the concept with the evolution of reptiles into birds.

Saturday, July 21, 2012



Tesora is Italian for treasure. It is also the name of a beautiful and famous women's accessory designer duo, a.k.a. my mom and me, that flourished about ten years ago. Around the time of Tesora, I was a rosy-cheeked college junior, and my mom was just as talented as she always has been and always will be. She also has the gift of being the most prolific artist I know. So prolific, in fact, that when we sold work under the name Tesora, she had enough room in her big artsy brain to design pieces for me to actualize in beads. Those pieces are still my best-sellers, and whenever I get the chance to meet the buyer in person, I excitedly tell them, "My mom designed that one!" I hope we get to work together again sometime, because she is really the brains and I am the hands.

This is one of Deborah Mosch's designs, circa 2003-ish, in its current incarnation of orange, blue-violet, yellow-green, deep burgandy, and gold. I like to think my color theory professor of a mother would approve of the new colorway.

You can see more of Tesora Cuff on my Etsy page.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Work, New Work Pace

I made a schedule for myself that's supposed to motivate me to make four completed pieces a month. Just to accumulate an inventory of work to have on hand, because that seemed like a nice idea. Having spent the last twenty-nine years with myself, I kind of knew I would make the first two pieces and then get sidetracked by, you know, life. My other (paying) job, housework, pets (avian and feline alike), not to mention my wonderful, understanding, encouraging husband... This is piece number two, the one after which I was supposed to call it quits. But lo and behold, I just finished piece number three last night! Who knew I could still surprise myself? And piece number four is in the works as of today, which makes me... (drum roll please)... ahead of schedule. You can see more photos of this "Light As A" cuff on my Etsy page.

Friday, July 13, 2012

 The Loft Gallery in Culpeper, VA-- 107 B West Davis Street, open Friday-Sunday-- had its grand opening and proverbial (and literal) ribbon cutting tonight! It's officially open to the public. Drew and I got dolled up and attended the quaint soiree and met some interesting folks.

A view of the jewelry case.

My mom has her own partition! Her work looked so natural there, the background perfectly popping the colors in her palindrome ink drawings. I'll have to take her out here the next time she's in town. That way she can reconnect with Jessie who works across the street, who I've never met before but struck up a conversation with. I happened to mention my mom had some work in the show too, she took one look at it, and said, "I think I've met your mom! Is she a teacher?" Turns out my mom went into her shop and started talking art talk (go figure). So Mom, Jessie says she has her paintings up in the shop now and wants you to see them... This was approximately synchronicity number twenty five gajillion for the day, by the way.

This is one of the more objective pieces forged by Nol Putnam. You can see some pics of his more abstract work here. Drew took an immediate liking to him, sharing with him that we have the ruins of an old blacksmith shop on our property.

Patty's sleepy chihuahua. She's had a rough day.

My most recently completed piece, available on my Etsy page as of tonight...

Monday, July 2, 2012

Garden Party

We had a small gathering at our home this weekend to show whoever was interested around the garden. Enthusiastic friends I have met since moving to Virginia came to meet our plant and animal allies, eat good food, and have good talks. Drew and I had a blast getting to better know these folks. I love spending all day making food and prettying the house! I'm such a girl.

Flowers to look at (echinacea, lavender, mint, rose, yarrow) and flowers to eat (nasturtiums).

My geeky labeled spread-- We made flax crackers, sunflower pate with garlic flowers, creamy garden collard salad, organic potato salad with local grass-fed yogurt and our own Silkie eggs, fresh farmer's market peaches, raw grass-fed farmers cheese, and just-picked wild blackberries. Our guests thoughtfully brought hard cider, local wine, and homemade banana bread. For imbibing we provided sweet iced mint-tulsi tea, cold wild spring water, home-brewed kombucha, organic wines, and locally brewed beer. For dessert I made a chocolate spread, of course, with two old stand-by's (Black Flower and Forest Cove) as well as a new flavor I've finally gotten down (top secret until it's official!). I was so nervous about it all, but everything was a huge hit! Can you tell I get excited about local food...

Drew took everyone on a tour of the grounds, stopping off at the chicken run for some freshly picked mulberries and a chance to meet Guthrie, king of Silkie roosters!

 photo by Teresa

 We missed the folks who couldn't come, some of which were still sans electricity and cleaning up fallen trees from the storm the night before. Pretty crazy happenings in nature lately. We can't wait to have another shindig! But I think we'll have to wait till the weather cools down a bit (it reached 100 F the other day). Now I'm off to listen to a Netflix movie and beading...