Saturday, July 28, 2012

Family Time

I had a few days off work (the real, paying job), so I took that opportunity to trek down to Savannah to visit the family. My dad knew I was coming, and he was able to hide it from my mom, who didn't know. So I surprised her! I just casually snuck into the living room and leaned on her chair, asking, "Whatchya watching?" I think I might have given her a little heart attack. But it was totally worth it. And then I was the only one who knew that my sister would be joining us the next day, so we planned her arrival while we were all out running errands. She parked her car down the street, and was just sitting in the kitchen like nothing was out of the ordinary. Heart attack numero dos for mama.

 We sat down at the dock a couple nights in a row to watch the tide correspond with the vultures congregating on the electricity poles, then one by one flying off at dusk.

 And has anyone ever seen a squirrel napping? No, scratch that. I mean two squirrels napping??!!

 This is the cuff I finished whilst in Savannah. I call it "Charmer" (Drew's idea was Snake Charmer). When it's being worn, the feather bead resembles a reptilian eye...

When it's flat, it looks like a cobra, ready to strike. I hadn't even noticed any of this until Drew came up with the idea for the name. And it wasn't until I was posting it on my Etsy page that I realized it's a feather bead, completing the full circle of the concept with the evolution of reptiles into birds.

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