Friday, July 13, 2012

 The Loft Gallery in Culpeper, VA-- 107 B West Davis Street, open Friday-Sunday-- had its grand opening and proverbial (and literal) ribbon cutting tonight! It's officially open to the public. Drew and I got dolled up and attended the quaint soiree and met some interesting folks.

A view of the jewelry case.

My mom has her own partition! Her work looked so natural there, the background perfectly popping the colors in her palindrome ink drawings. I'll have to take her out here the next time she's in town. That way she can reconnect with Jessie who works across the street, who I've never met before but struck up a conversation with. I happened to mention my mom had some work in the show too, she took one look at it, and said, "I think I've met your mom! Is she a teacher?" Turns out my mom went into her shop and started talking art talk (go figure). So Mom, Jessie says she has her paintings up in the shop now and wants you to see them... This was approximately synchronicity number twenty five gajillion for the day, by the way.

This is one of the more objective pieces forged by Nol Putnam. You can see some pics of his more abstract work here. Drew took an immediate liking to him, sharing with him that we have the ruins of an old blacksmith shop on our property.

Patty's sleepy chihuahua. She's had a rough day.

My most recently completed piece, available on my Etsy page as of tonight...

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  1. This looks like a wonderful place! I love the heatwave cuff... I suppose some sweat went into it! Hope you got a little rain over the last bit (but not too much?). Thank you for the comment you left me today... it made my afternoon. Miss you guys.