Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Work, New Work Pace

I made a schedule for myself that's supposed to motivate me to make four completed pieces a month. Just to accumulate an inventory of work to have on hand, because that seemed like a nice idea. Having spent the last twenty-nine years with myself, I kind of knew I would make the first two pieces and then get sidetracked by, you know, life. My other (paying) job, housework, pets (avian and feline alike), not to mention my wonderful, understanding, encouraging husband... This is piece number two, the one after which I was supposed to call it quits. But lo and behold, I just finished piece number three last night! Who knew I could still surprise myself? And piece number four is in the works as of today, which makes me... (drum roll please)... ahead of schedule. You can see more photos of this "Light As A" cuff on my Etsy page.

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