Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great Expectations

Here are some new things from lil ol' me that you can expect to see at the upcoming craft fair on Sunday (see previous post). And I'm working on some new repeat patterns to incorporate into some more stationery, silkscreened on 100% recycled paper nonetheless! I will also have some cool decorative trays, too. Don't forget to come by!!!

Craft Fairs Galore!

The past craft fair was a success, meaning I sold some things. Yay! Drew was a super-boyfriend, helping set up, greeting everyone, and rushing to stuff everything back in the car near the end when it started to downpour. I'm going to be doing another one this coming Sunday, and my booth will be bigger and better. More stationery, cool refurbished trays for sale, my signature beaded earrings. And my mom, Deborah Cherry Mosch, will have a booth right next to me, so please come check us both out! Here's the info for this next craft fair:

First Monthly Local Food & Music Celebration
-Sustainable Food
-Live Music
-Artisan Crafts
-Local Farmers

Sunday, May 4th
514 MLK Street, Savannah

(sponsored by Blowin' Smoke BBQ & Green Tomato Concepts)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Craft Fair This Saturday!!!

Sorry everyone for this last-minute announcement. I've been recuperating from an exceptionally debilitating cold for the past week (boo-hoo, I know, poor me). But this Saturday, April 26th, there will be what is being called an "open-air bazaar," or something to that effect. Here, people will be selling handmade crafts, artwork, their own belongings they no longer want, and who-knows-what-else! I'll be there at a table selling my beaded earrings, some silkscreened stationery, and some who-knows-what-else on the side. Incidentally, SCAD's Sidewalk Arts Festival will be taking place simultaneously only a couple blocks away at Forsyth Park, so if you're already going to that, why not swing over and check out the craft fair/market/open-air bazaar as well? Should be fun and hot, so bring a bottle of water and a parasol to look pretty. See you all there!

Craft Bazaar
Saturday, April 26
Old SEARS parking lot @ Bull & Henry
for more info click here

Monday, April 7, 2008

A part-time job fit for me.

Hello all! So I promised I would post a picture of my first handiwork at the new alterations/custom-clothing job. Sort of true to my word (I did some hand work before this), here is the first-ever thing I've done on the fast, powerful, industrial JUKI sewing machine! It was scary, but look how successful I was! I turned 2 pairs of kid pants into adorable shorts. And I included a pic of the store kitty, Moonshine (named for his color, not the drink...) Sorry for the photo quality, I took them with my phone.