Sunday, September 30, 2012

Age of Aquarius

Bracelet number fourteen is an ode to that thirst-quenching, life-giving, flowing, freezing, steamy, simple and mysterious molecular compound we call water. Moons in varying shades of blue and violet float in and out of the frame, linked by a river of deep indigo glass beads.

Visit my Etsy page and website gallery for a full description and more views of Aquarius Cuff in Indigo.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Number Thirteen

OK, so this cuff is definitely not perfect. Which tends to bug me. But I love love love the colors! When I tried this on, I decided the imperfections really aren't even noticeable. I have to face it, circles are hard to free-hand embroider. Really hard. But I keep making myself recreate former designs (and make new ones) containing circles so that I might overcome this aversion. And hopefully, maybe, possibly, even get better at them.

You can see Viska Cuff in Fire on my Etsy page, or in the gallery on my website.

And here's the right side of Light As A... Cuff. I finished this as another recent custom order, with a traditional spring-style clasp-- sturdier for those who lead a more rough-and-tumble kind of life. See the originals here and here.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The inverse is true, too.

Sometimes I feel it's a shame to put a backing on my embroidery. But if I don't, it will flop around and have a mind of its own, instead of bending to my will... We wouldn't want that.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gray Day

It's been raining aaaaaaalllll day here (we need it badly) so I've treated myself to a full day of beading in the company of the kitties, with The Voice and blustering winds in the background. My kinda day indeed.

Monday, September 10, 2012


This is one reason I'm a little behind on my work: I spent Labor Day weekend visiting my sister Isadora in Athens, GA! So much fun!

We walked from her new apartment to a place that serves--get this--frozen organic Stonyfield yogurt. Um, I couldn't really ask for more than that in a chain dessert shop. Dee-voon.

Then she took me out dancing, something we've been saying we'll do every time I've visited her for the past five years. We danced for three hours and my right knee still hurts! Come On Eileen was my high point.

This was the grossest dance floor I've ever felt beneath my shoes, and this guy kept losing his flip-flops on it.

One day Isadora took me to one of her favorite restaurants-- this Cuban place that only takes cash and has a home-made fountain on the patio made out of an old wooden row boat. Loved it. Awesome fish tacos and fried plantains.

One of multiple thrift store trips. Isadora got a better photo of a woman pushing a cart with a three foot tall naked Barbie standing up in it, looking like she had seen better days.

And we made matching necklaces with teensy gold leaf and octopus charms. Ah, sisters.

Luna Moth

I'm a little behind on my churning-out-cuffs spurt, but not as behind as it seems. You see, this is the second time I've made this cuff since I last posted; the first one was a special order for a new customer (see bottom photo). So this is actually cuff number eleven. But I must admit, I'm finding it a little difficult to make time to bead. Not good. I get stressed when I feel I have so much to do that I can't take a day to bead. It's my meditation, my vehicle for creativity, it's really the only exercise the right side of my brain gets sometimes.

 Luna Cuff in green.
Take a gander at my Etsy page or my website for more views and a better description.
 Luna Moth (photo by

Luna Cuff in blue.