Sunday, September 7, 2014

To reflect.

Running a shop is a lot of work. Fun work, rewarding work, trying work, but time-consuming work nonetheless. Which is why I've been away from writing for such a long stint.

Communicating with over 70 artists; seeking out new artists; accepting, pricing, documenting, displaying, and promoting their work; paying these talents, the landlord, the utility company, the phone company, and various local charities; fighting fundamentalist community members and the town council to repeal antiquated and offensive town business codes (a whole 'nuther story, but here's one article on the matter, and my letter to the editor); connecting with customers via emails and the Gathered website and Facebook page; organizing events; keeping the shop interior and window display fresh.

These are the things I do now. I'm in no way trying to make myself look good here. In fact I mostly probably look disheveled and a little crazy. But these are things I can proudly say I'm good at. However, my own personal time-- time to connect with my family and reflect and create and listen to Nature-- is a very precious commodity indeed. I now hold my time in the mornings when I walk our mountain to reconnect and recharge in my carefully cupped hands, close to my heart.

I've managed to eek out a few moments here and there at the shop when it gets quiet, usually in the dwindling hour before I close (such as now), to make a couple new pieces. They've been mostly direct customer requests, but I'm slowly getting back into replenishing my beadwork display at Gathered and making exactly what I feel like making.

Here are the most recent customer creations:

Equus Cuff, with its inspiration (a customer's rare breed horse)

Stormy Cuff in black & white (which I've made in bronze in the past)

And here is my most recent piece, finished just yesterday, for Gathered: 

 Luna Necklace in green