Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Newest Work in Shades of Gold

I really don't have much to say in this post. I just wanted to document the piece I finished today. I had a moment of frustration when, after completing it, I discovered the magnetic clasp I used was not magnet-y enough. Grrr. So off it came and another, stronger one got sewn in its place. Ah well. Lesson (?) learned.

See more images of Botanical Cuff in gold on my Etsy site.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ancient ~> Modern

I've been inspired lately by ancient life. Fossils, civilizations, tools, technology. I actually had a recent momentary infuriation at my ancestors (I'm talking 10,000 years ago ancestors) for neglecting the ritual of passing down vital information from generation to generation. Granted, it is how we still download a lot of our current knowledge, by way of passing along history, legends, recipes, skills. From memorizing a great-great-aunt's lasagna recipe to a three-year-old being able to figure out an iPhone; these are the skills and information that get passed down these days.

Before we became "civilized," though, (especially in the western world) there were certain other skills and information that got passed down. Where the good springs were; the importance of family, extended family, and elders; how to make our own "clothing" and shelter; and, basically, how to live in accordance with the earth, instead of constantly at war with it.

I'm upset. I'm mad I don't know how to not live in a bubble of poorly designed vinyl siding calling itself a house. I hate being a slave to oil. I'm frustrated I don't know how to identify enough wild edibles in my landscape to live off of. I'm scared and too emotional to hunt or fish. I'm sad I live eleven hours away from my immediate family.

My husband and I try to incorporate as many wild edibles, fresh spring water, barefooting, hiking, natural materials, and homegrown goodies as we realistically can. But these are passions and hobbies that I'm sad to say we have to go out of our way to achieve. They didn't come naturally to us, and it is not the norm for most of the western world. Living just the same as all the other inhabitants of this earth got lost somewhere in the craziness of civilization.

Can you think of a way you can live with a slightly lighter footprint? Try. Try bringing in one new zero-waste habit that our ancient ancestors might have done. I'm just trying to get those thinking gears going...

Here are my latest creations:

More info on both Charmer Necklaces available on my Etsy site.