Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Number Thirteen

OK, so this cuff is definitely not perfect. Which tends to bug me. But I love love love the colors! When I tried this on, I decided the imperfections really aren't even noticeable. I have to face it, circles are hard to free-hand embroider. Really hard. But I keep making myself recreate former designs (and make new ones) containing circles so that I might overcome this aversion. And hopefully, maybe, possibly, even get better at them.

You can see Viska Cuff in Fire on my Etsy page, or in the gallery on my website.

And here's the right side of Light As A... Cuff. I finished this as another recent custom order, with a traditional spring-style clasp-- sturdier for those who lead a more rough-and-tumble kind of life. See the originals here and here.

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