Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Craft Fairs Galore!

The past craft fair was a success, meaning I sold some things. Yay! Drew was a super-boyfriend, helping set up, greeting everyone, and rushing to stuff everything back in the car near the end when it started to downpour. I'm going to be doing another one this coming Sunday, and my booth will be bigger and better. More stationery, cool refurbished trays for sale, my signature beaded earrings. And my mom, Deborah Cherry Mosch, will have a booth right next to me, so please come check us both out! Here's the info for this next craft fair:

First Monthly Local Food & Music Celebration
-Sustainable Food
-Live Music
-Artisan Crafts
-Local Farmers

Sunday, May 4th
514 MLK Street, Savannah

(sponsored by Blowin' Smoke BBQ & Green Tomato Concepts)

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