Thursday, April 24, 2008

Craft Fair This Saturday!!!

Sorry everyone for this last-minute announcement. I've been recuperating from an exceptionally debilitating cold for the past week (boo-hoo, I know, poor me). But this Saturday, April 26th, there will be what is being called an "open-air bazaar," or something to that effect. Here, people will be selling handmade crafts, artwork, their own belongings they no longer want, and who-knows-what-else! I'll be there at a table selling my beaded earrings, some silkscreened stationery, and some who-knows-what-else on the side. Incidentally, SCAD's Sidewalk Arts Festival will be taking place simultaneously only a couple blocks away at Forsyth Park, so if you're already going to that, why not swing over and check out the craft fair/market/open-air bazaar as well? Should be fun and hot, so bring a bottle of water and a parasol to look pretty. See you all there!

Craft Bazaar
Saturday, April 26
Old SEARS parking lot @ Bull & Henry
for more info click here

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