Saturday, July 21, 2012



Tesora is Italian for treasure. It is also the name of a beautiful and famous women's accessory designer duo, a.k.a. my mom and me, that flourished about ten years ago. Around the time of Tesora, I was a rosy-cheeked college junior, and my mom was just as talented as she always has been and always will be. She also has the gift of being the most prolific artist I know. So prolific, in fact, that when we sold work under the name Tesora, she had enough room in her big artsy brain to design pieces for me to actualize in beads. Those pieces are still my best-sellers, and whenever I get the chance to meet the buyer in person, I excitedly tell them, "My mom designed that one!" I hope we get to work together again sometime, because she is really the brains and I am the hands.

This is one of Deborah Mosch's designs, circa 2003-ish, in its current incarnation of orange, blue-violet, yellow-green, deep burgandy, and gold. I like to think my color theory professor of a mother would approve of the new colorway.

You can see more of Tesora Cuff on my Etsy page.

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