Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pepe the Peacock...

... beaded.

Bracelet number five, completed, since the start of my self-motivating schedule at the beginning of July. When I initially set this time frame of completing one piece per week (or four per month, however it worked out), I was afraid that my hobby would become too routine; that my pleasure in it would be drowned out by the compulsion to keep up with the goals. This is not the case, I'm ecstatic to report! Rather than becoming routine, it is ritual. Rather than pressuring myself, I feel am deeply fulfilling myself. For me, beading is meditative, relaxing, creative, challenging, and yes, sometimes frustrating. It's really just the icing on the cake that I have something to show for it all in the end. But it has become one of my favorite parts of my day-- it's something I'm doing for myself, for my own reasons, and it forces me to uni-task, which I think we could all do a little more of these days.

You can see more views of King Pepe Cuff on my Etsy page.

The real Pepe.


  1. *wow*, cadyn! this is truly stunning. i love what you said, too, about ritual versus routine... i have had the same very affirming revelations, so it resounds with me - the relief at realizing you do, indeed, enjoy the work you've chosen for yourself. from the perspective of an admirer, your july goal really paid off :)

  2. Thanks Zoe!!! I truly appreciate the comradery-admiration. All the same goes for you, too, you know!