Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Bookcase for all things Book-Related

David just finished building this handy-dandy bookcase for me the other day. Thanks, David! So yesterday, I was feeling a little under the weather. What a good day to do some not-too-demanding task like painting my new bookcase! Right? Wrong. Bending, crouching, reaching, inhaling paint fumes, and doing heavy lifting, I've learned, are not necessarily good things to do while you are sick. The process took me way longer than it would have if I'd been healthy, and it made me feel pretty crummy. And after a couple hours of painting, I only had enough energy to do one coat. But I think it works. I painted the back panel a peachy color, and the rest off-white. I was just too excited about it to let it sit in the garage!

So I unpacked the only remaining boxes last night. This bookcase will be the home for all my sketchbooks, art books, book-making supplies, and fabric remnants for making book covers. After all, what are bookcases for? Now I just need to magically transport my art books from our home office to the studio, and get some sealed containers for those messy piles of fabric (to keep those damn stinkbugs out next year). I'll be craftin' in no time...

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