Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Studio After All

I finally made progress yesterday setting up my studio! Or studiette, I should say. Drew and I will share the huge expanse above our garage, but a drum set, multiple guitar amps, and a couple keyboards and full-stacks (as Drew calls them, although I'm not sure exactly what they do) take up considerably more room than a sewing table, loom, and some sketchbooks. But I'm not complaining one bit! I'm taking the southwest corner that gets the most light, and even if I spread my equipment out, we'll still both have plenty of room. I'll be keeping all my screenprinting supplies in the workshop where it's perfectly alright to get a bit messy. I don't see myself sewing at the same time the band's practicing, anyway. It kind of feels like an earthquake is passing through with Caleb's precise use of the double bass drum. I'll post photos soon, after Drew's mom and I get the loom up there.

This was my breakfast this morning: two sunny-side up eggs (fresh from the backyard, of course) over a bed of arugula dressed with olive oil and ume plum vinegar. Scrumdiddlyumptous! Maybe I should open up a B & B. I like being a host, and I'd just have customers do chores outside for payment...

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  1. I'd take you up on that! Can I make a reservation for Dec. 22?