Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fiftieth Post!

A perfect celebration of my 50th post on this blog...

A working studio! All that's left to unpack is what's going on the bookshelf that David is making for me: books (of course), old sketchbooks, fabric remnants, and book-making supplies. I really love how much natural light this room gets: 360 degrees of windows! And that floor lamp belonged to my parents; its former life was in a doctor's office, ages ago. Still works like a charm.

I hung all my yardage on a cheap garment rack (ingenious, no?), and there's my prized loom in the background. It embarrassingly still has warp on it from a project I did six years ago. But it will be put to good use soon-- Ann has a rug project in mind using recycled fabric strips. I get to teach her how to weave! If I can remember...

An army of thread at my command!

I scored this old library card catalog from an antique store whilst in the Outer Banks a couple of years ago. Atop this perfect home for all my knitting and crochet needles are relics from my childhood. That globe-shaped pin cushion belonged to my Grandma Cherry.

And voila! Against many odds (and with no help whatsoever from me), David expertly installed this wonderful heater. Isn't she a beauty? It'll be our savior this winter when we undoubtedly get snowed in. Snow days = craft/music days!


  1. Your studio looks so pretty! Straight out of Domino...