Tuesday, November 8, 2011


My studio corner is coming together. Yesterday was nightmarish, though, as I had to open up boxes containing more stinkbugs in volume than art supplies. It was seriously like an X Files episode. And it got worse when the vacuum cleaner bag actually got full with them, and the vacuum lost its suction power and stinkbugs upon stinkbugs started falling back out of the vacuum hose. Poor David, for I had many a curse-induced meltdown in his presence.

Things did take a turn for the better. David is kindly installing a heater in the wall, and this is him showing his excitement over cutting the hole in exactly the right spot for the wiring.

Meanwhile, I was letting the chickens wander about today while David and I were working. At one point I noticed Little Guy wasn't with the rest of her flock. This isn't that uncommon, as she has a little more of an individual spirit than the rest (which could be to her detriment), and I often have to usher her along to find the others. Today, however, I looked all over for her, and finally asked David if he had seen her. "I think I saw her in the garage..." And there I found her, laying an egg in the newspaper bin. See her little bantam egg?

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