Monday, October 29, 2012

Stormy Weather

It would seem as though I made this cuff just in time for the approaching Perfect Storm. Our home on the mountainside is right in the path of three upcoming storms (two winter weather storms-- i.e. snow-- coming from the west, and one 85 mph hurricane coming from the southeast). To make it even more Perfect, the hurricane will hit land at high tide today, at the full moon. It seems as though our earth is following a very precise recipe, for what I'm not exactly sure. But it is definitely stirring up some things: oceans, winds, snow, rain, panic, emotions... And I'm down in coastal Georgia right now, away from my home, husband, animals. Right where many past hurricanes have promised to flood our streets and break our windows, yet never have. In my lifetime, anyway, we've always been spared the destruction. And yet the most assured prediction of hurricane damage I've ever heard is about to happen in the mountains of Virginia (and NY, NJ, DE, PA, and WV). Hm. I knew I was heading toward Snow Days when we moved to Virginia, but I could have sworn I was leaving the Hurricane Days behind.

This was the design for the first beaded cuff I ever made. Ever. And here is its most recent incarnation. You can see more images on my website.

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