Monday, November 5, 2012

Dress Up

Ah, weddings... This one in particular reunited three friends (and former band members) who haven't been in the same room in almost fifteen years.

Drew, Jonnie (groom), and Seth

The ceremony took place in a historic schoolhouse, and the reception was a few steps over at the nearby vintage dance hall. I loved how personal the ceremony was (Do you promise to be Cheryl's best friend forever, barrista for life...) and they tied the whole historic schoolhouse theme together with the place settings:

Pom-pons, 1950s 7" records, and confetti made from old book pages.

And after everything was over I realized I wasn't in any of the pictures, so I made Drew take this one as proof that I was indeed there.

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  1. Your outfit deserves a picture, for sure! Can't wait to see you:)