Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Double Take

I finished two necklaces (numbers twenty-five and twenty-six) yesterday, so I decided to post them both together.

First is Spur Necklace. I thought it kind of resembled those cross-section illustrations of geological formations in our old earth science textbooks from elementary school. What do you all think of the double chain idea??? And after I put the finished product together with the idea of geology, and after my loving, willing husband photographed this, he pointed out that there's a geological formation right behind me in the photo. How perfect.

And above is Elytra Necklace. It's inspired by the open wings of a beetle about to take flight. I thought the ballerina colors of pale pink and black were fitting for that.

See Spur Necklace on my Etsy page or
my online gallery.
See Elytra Necklace on my Etsy page or
my online gallery.

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