Sunday, October 7, 2012

Flying Out The Door

I just finished another cuff last night that I was so excited to recreate. It was the very first custom piece I ever did for anyone, about ten years ago. It's really simple, and I love it: a rectangular cuff, with a red glossy background and a vertical row of four different colored circles running down the middle, in the center of each sits a large matte bead. I literally put the finishing touches on the cuff this morning, and wore it to my meditation group. It would seem as though I was in reality making this very bracelet for Amy, friend and leader of said group. She has been considering purchasing one of my bracelets, and today, of all days, she was wearing a long scarf-- red with a vertical row of circles running down its center. There must be something in the air... She bought it from me then and there! To match her outfit, of course. Thanks, Amy! Needless to say, I didn't get to document this, sixteenth, cuff. But I will recreate it, once again, for my at-home inventory. And to replace this slightly embarrassing, older version with my current craftsmanship standards (really, the new one looks way better).

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