Thursday, March 6, 2008

Owls and Dill Pickle

Hello everyone! I've been working hard finishing up my catalogs, and I finally sent them out on Tuesday! All eighteen of them, to promising boutiques all over the country. Everyone cross your fingers, now. I'll post a photo of them soon, along with some requested pics of my newly rearranged living spaces.

I also added a temporary page to my website where you can view press articles I've been in. I'm so famous! Not really. Unfortunately you can't zoom in close enough to read them, but they're there- for now. See them here.

I spent this past weekend in Athens visiting my sister, Isadora. We had a lot of fun-- vegan dinners, What Not To Wear, Moe's burritos, Clean House marathons, and my favorite part was going to Memorial Park to look at ducks and geese. And there's a back way to the wild animal reserve there, where we saw little tiny pocket-sized owls, otters, a lazy bear, two playful bobcats, a deer way too accustomed to people, and a little alligator named Dill Pickle.

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