Saturday, February 23, 2008

A comfy place to call our own...

First off, let me apologize for being away from this for a while. I've been putting together my first wholesale catalogue to mail out to boutiques all over. I'm really excited about the layout, and I'm making all of them myself, so it'll take me back to my bookmaking days. And I have had such an indescribable emotion towards my living quarters lately, too. A recent post in Amy Nieto's blog really reminded me of these feelings.

As you saw glimpses of in my previous post, I've recently rearranged some rooms in our apartment. And I love it now! I've never loved this apartment more! When we first moved in, it was a bit surreal because I had just finished living in an apartment two doors down that had the exact same floor plan. Except this apartment was dirtier and had more work to do than the first one. Already stains on the carpet (hey- less work for us to do in that area!); the linoleum was peeling up next to the bathtub; there was no towel rack or shower curtain rod in the bathroom; leak stains on the ceilings; and the two non-working, brick, floor-to-ceiling fireplaces had been painted cobalt blue and school bus yellow, respectively. (On the plus side, the rent is unbelievably cheap, Drew and I each have our own little studios, it has a washer and dryer, a backyard, and it's only 4 blocks from Forsyth Park. OK, maybe there are a lot of perks.) You'd think one would never really be able to fall in love with this kind of place, right?

But Drew and I worked really hard-- he installed the towel rack and we both painted the fireplaces. I did some constant rearranging of furniture. We both installed a screen door in the back. Hung up all our artwork, did some MAJOR cleaning, and now everyone that comes in says it's so comfy and relaxing and homey! Yay! Not that I have many people over, mainly just my family members say this.

And I hardly even notice those other things now. But I've never worked this hard to make somewhere feel like home, with the exception of my childhood bedroom, and we won't talk about that. So of course I feel attachment to this little apartment on Barnard street. It's home to me. So why is it that I still have this little voice in the back of my head that's ready to move? Why? I love Savannah, I love my family being here, I love the apartment, I actually still know people here. Yet I keep finding myself asking Drew when we'll be moving. Maybe it's out of habit-- I've been asking him since I graduated college in 2005. I'm scared to give up this place we've worked so hard on, and possibly leave so many other good things, but at the same time I HAVE lived here for almost 25 years. It's probably time for a quick change of scenery, then I'm sure we'll come crawling back. What is it about Savannah that just sucks you in and makes you get comfortable? Anybody? Anybody?


  1. Oh nooooo, you're having these thoughts! So Sorry!

    I can understand your situation, having lived in one place all your life, a place that you dearly love... but there is that nagging feeling at the back of your head nudging you to be restless and just GO. It's terrible.

    In my case, I've been moving all my life, so that's my only constant (plus I needed money and that's where Vegas came into the picture)

  2. Also, I would love to see this apt of yours. Please photographs!

  3. Perfectly natural to want to KNOW more, even if you THINK you've got it made and live in the best place ever. Stressing the difference between thinking and knowing. Then again, from my experience, you just might feel a void that can't be filled if you live far from your family...