Thursday, February 7, 2008

My New Favorites

New work I did for Satchel in downtown Savannah on Broughton Street. Yay! Elizabeth is so great, and her store looks like it came right out of a design magazine, I swear. I think I've officially sucked Savannah dry as far as retail outlets now... Time to branch out a little.

Rob Ryan is my new hero. Well that might be an exaggeration, as I don't know him personally, but his artwork is amazing. I noticed a blurb on a book by him (This Is For You) in ReadyMade magazine, so I decided to check it out. His work is akin to that of Nikki McClure (Collect Raindrops), but a bit less graphic, and more Dr. Seuss meets new-age baroque, if that's possible. He has prints for sale on Etsy, too. Seeing such delicate, pocket-sized gems come from an established artist is really an affirmation-- and it's encouragement for other artists (like myself) to continue to create tiny pieces, and to let oneself get completely engrossed in tedious (and some might say obsessive) projects.


  1. Before I left satchel had just opened the back part of the store and it looked great, I can only imagine what it looks now. Your work great complements the products sold there. yay. and yes time to branch out! Make those chickens work for their free rent!

    (I cant wait to have my brick and mortar someday. Been planning for this since I started with Mutation)

  2. The colors in your work for satchel are incredible! They make me so happy.