Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Snippets of My Home Life

This is a felted project I did way back in school for 3-d fibers. I won't go into what it means and everything, but it fit perfectly in an old wooden cola box I bought at a friend's garage sale.

My new rearranged studio! I used to use it mainly for storage, and now it's my favorite room in the apartment. Drew's mom gave me the vintage desk and got me that loom at an auction. I love her! (That's Phineas on the desk.)

One of my teensy bulletin boards.

Antique spools, a weird-shaped basket, egg holders, and, whaddya know, egg-shaped salt and pepper shakers. This is all on a shelf in my kitchen.

Another shelf in my kitchen. The blue floor lamp in front was my parents' and it's actually a vintage doctor's lamp. And to think they were going to sell it at a garage sale!

A shelf in my studio. The sheep is secretly a tape measure, quite possibly the most adorable one in the world-- his little hand pulls out! And the globe-shaped pin cushion was my grandma's. I don't think she ever really sewed, but she was definitely a collector.