Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wow, it's about time I wrote to you all! I suppose this calls for a little update. I am proud to announce I am the newest member (albeit part-time) of the downtown Savannah design studio/alterations business Stitch. I was feeling a slight void in my sewing repertoire, and my good friend Orea mentioned once a long time ago that her boss at Stitch was a little shorthanded. So months later, I remembered this, thought it could be good for all parties involved (Eileen gets the help she needs, and I get to further my sewing education). So far, so good. I've been there 2 days and have already learned new things. Yay! Don't worry, my accessory business takes priority, but this is just a little bonus on the side. I'll take a photo of the first pair of pants I hem.

Drew's birthday was recently, so we went out to my parents' house (they live on the water and have a dock and a small boat, so needless to say I am both jealous and lucky), where I made a raw feast and then my dad took the 2 of us out on an adventure of a boat ride. The gnats were unbearable out of the water, the wind was strong, and the water was choppy (the latter two factors equaling some wet clothes). But we all had a blast.

That same night when we got home, the electricity went out. For the entire night. We walked around the park in total darkness, save for the police lights on every other corner directing traffic. Turned out there was a tornado somewhere nearby (devastating parts of Atlanta) which caused a Savannah city-wide blackout! Crazy. We took some video of pretty amazing lightning in the sky-- it was nonstop, repetitive flashes in the same spot, with no sound or thunder whatsoever. Eerie.

This past weekend Drew's mom and sister came for a fast-forwarded weekend visit. Lots of fun cooking, shopping, movie-watching, and Oatland Island (which means OWLS!!!) Speaking of which, for all you Savannahians, Oatland Island is hosting "Sheep to Shawl" this Saturday (29th) from 10-5. Admission is $5. They'll demonstrate sheep shearing, yarn spinning, and more! Go fibers!

Now you may enjoy looking through moments of my life.

Drew got to steer the boat for a short while.

What the sky looked like when we returned from the boat ride, pre-tornado.

What the sky looked like mid-tornado weather. This is actually a moment of the crazy lightning captured to film. Well my computer, technically. A fraction of a second later the sky was black again.

OK, no reason. Just a recent pic of Phineas (top) and Felino. Too cute.

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