Sunday, January 27, 2013

Get out of town!

Drew and I got to take a whirlwind trip together (sort of) last weekend up to Pennsylvania to visit some of our favorite friends, Matt and Zoë. The trip was based around Drew seeing three hardcore shows in three nights in three different cities. I was his valiant protector in the mosh pit for the first show in Baltimore (except in reality, being the shortest person in the pit, I was the logical stepladder/launch pad for the stage divers). Matt excitedly partnered up with Drew for the next two shows in Brooklyn and Philly, respectively. I got to stay behind with Zoë and Laika and go for long walks, drink a lot of wine, and make/eat a lot of food!

Look how hardcore I am!

Zoë made The Most Scrumptious Sour Cherry Pancakes I've Ever Had one morning.

Walking along her well-blazed trails...

Our second walk featured a surprise cameo by a larger-than-life Native American man emerging from a tree stump.

Zoë shared some of her chamomile and chocolate plant for us to take home to put in our garden.

Laika was very helpful during Craft Time.

We saved the sweet potato gnocci!

I must get this book. The original Winnie-the-Pooh story. It was the most warm and comforting thing I've ever read at bedtime.

Matt and Drew made it home in one piece (though my car is now one hubcap shy). Our hosts made us one last breakfast before we sadly hit the road back home.


  1. Look how much fun we had! It was a blast. Let's do it again this weekend.