Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A ton of photos of some wintry days...

One of many, many, many (no exaggeration) gifts I made this season. Woohoo!

My sister and I baked up a storm-- this is a double batch of my grandma's famous Date Bars. We made them with all-organic ingredients this year with scrumptious results.

On our way to Drew's family beach house in Rhode Island, we stopped at a stop sign just in time for this house to turn on all the lights. They must have known we were coming.

Westerly beaches, Rhode Island. 

Drew's Aunt Marcia at the Mystic Aquarium with her second-favorite animal: the Beluga Whale.

The entire Speziale clan hanging out at the local Pawcatuck coffee house.

The entire Mosch clan hanging out at the Pennsylvania-Dutch-inspired Country Cupboard.

The following photos are a succession of our drive through a progressively worsening torrential blizzard:

I love the holidays!

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