Thursday, November 11, 2010

It took me long enough...

These are two pieces I created a little while ago, but was recently inspired to finally FINISH! Hooray! Oh, it feels so good to have two finished pieces to look at, to touch, to wear if I so desire-- instead of casting cursory glances at a (beautiful in its own way) pile of beads and felt, with rippled, unfinished edges, beckoning me to polish them off.

The following are photos I've taken while on walks through our woods with my husband. These are what have been inspiring me: the seemingly endless grays and browns of the mountain trails, but lo and behold, a neon yellow fungus!

A cluster of turkey tail mushrooms blooms out of a decaying log.

A bumpy fuschia fungus seeps out of the gray.

A family of puffballs inhabits a piece of wood.


  1. Wow Cadyn, these are really beautiful. You plucked the lovely subtle colors right out of the forest, and used them anew!

  2. I love your inspiration...I would never see jewelry just walking through the woods, but now I can't see anything else!