Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm Back!

cadyn cherry mosch + andrew speziale = cadyn speziale!

Well, I've been on hiatus for a little while, give or take a couple years. But I'm making (what some might call) art again, and I couldn't be happier. A brief chronological list of some events that took place between my last post and the present:

• Inducted into the natural foods industry while living in Brunswick, GA
• Effectually became temporarily distracted from creating objets de desire
• Got engaged to the love of my life
• Bought a house in the mountains of northern Virginia
• Moved to said house and commenced major renovations
• Welcomed, yet again, with open arms to a local natural foods place of employment
• Together with Andrew, started a homestead permaculture/food forest project, Immortal Mountain
• Got married to my wonderful husband, Andrew (hence the name change)
• Finally decided I had neglected my beading supplies cabinet for long enough, and that it was time once again to pick up my needle and felt.

Whew! So you see, it's not that I'd given up art. Little did I know this intangibility had been hibernating inside of me for two years. And now it seems to be emerging. At first, just a little: a pair of earrings here, a handmade card there. But now this entity is positively bubbling over with potential.

I recently made twelve pairs of earrings to put on display at my mother-in-law's booth at the Strasburg Emporium. And I just finished a trio of embroidered beadwork for the Purple Fern in Winchester, VA. Next on the agenda is to touch base with my first-ever retailer, shopSCAD, in Savannah, then hit some DC boutiques in the Georgetown area. Pics of my new work to come...

I just thought I'd re-introduce myself to the world.

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