Saturday, May 31, 2008

One More to Go...

Another successful craft day! (See my lovely new banner?) I don't know if there were less vendors this time, or we were all placed closer together, but it seemed like fewer people participating. I must say, my hand-me-down parasol from my sister came in handy today. All day. The sun was BLAZING. It got up to about 92°, and my sunburn is proof. I wore sunscreen everywhere except right under my neck, and oh my god is it red! Another lesson learned. But I met new and returning crafters, exchanged info, and spread the word about the next craft show. Which is TOMORROW! Whew! I was planning on just leaving all my stuff packed in the car, but Drew ended up calling halfway to Brunswick (where he has to commute like 5 times a week to band practice) saying his car broke down. So I unpacked everything and rescued him of course. So please come out tomorrow if you can! It'll be at the Blowin' Smoke BBQ courtyard on MLK from 4-8pm. Wish me luck, and I'll see some of you there!

(I need to get me one of them tent things)

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  1. So I flew today to Puerto Rico, making a stop in Atlanta. When the plane stopped down on hartsfield I felt this inexplicable urge to change my PR flight to tomorrow, rent a car and drive to my Savannah. Sadly, it was all too expensive. :( Next time!

    Do you work mostly on your brand? I know you have a little PT job, but is that it?