Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh, Those British

If I ever move to the UK, then THIS is where I want to work. Or intern. Or maybe just be slave labor. It's called Miss Print London (and how perfect is the name?!), and Yvonne and Rebecca Drury run this little print shop. Everything they make, including fabric for their cushions, wallpaper, and lampshades (three of my favorite things, incidentally) are all hand printed by these two women. I found them while perusing ApartmentTherapy, one of my little addictions, and their designs immediately screamed out at me. I make designs like this! I mean, not exactly, but check out my pillows I did for Working Class Studios on my website, and you'll see what I mean (link to my website on right). They combine my two biggest inspirations: mid-century modern & botany. And those colors! Like buttah! Well I don't know if I'll be moving to London anytime soon, but maybe I'll shoot them an email to say hi.

oh, p.s. The yard sale was another success. I've started a New Couch Fund, so the money from yesterday went right into that envelope!

And don't you love their display at ICFF?*

A lampshade from their website,

Another photo from ICFF: a juxtaposition of lampshade & wallpaper.*

*These photos are from the lovely ApartmentTherapy website.

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