Monday, December 16, 2013

Gettin' Crafty

Sometimes when you're an art & craft shop owner, and the holidays roll around, and you're a little strapped for time, you're tempted to get all your family's gifts from your own shop. Well, this is what I'm doing this year, for the most part. It's not only because somehow Thanksgiving has come and gone already. It's that I'm just way too tempted by all the lovelies surrounding me everyday to not buy some of them (for other people, of course). But there are always a few difficult people to shop for. So in the spare moments here and the spare moments there, I've been making a few people's gifts myself.

Of course I can't show you the gifts I'm buying from gathered, for fear the recipients may be reading this. But here are a couple of my latest craft projects that I'm pretty sure are safe to show.

A new earring layout. 

And these are actually going to be a gift from a loved one,
who kindly commissioned them from me.
Who would have thought the beaded princess crowns would take off like this??

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