Sunday, August 11, 2013

And a Necklace to Match

I don't often create matching or coordinating pieces, but I had a recent request for a necklace inspired by one of my cuff designs. You may remember Pepe the Peacock, who inspired the King Pepe cuff. Well, here it is, in its necklace incarnation:

What do you think about the chain resolution? I tried something new and used a combination of delicate chain and sheer ribbon. Too much? Should I have just used one or the other? I like the idea of just using sheer ribbon, it would give the pendant a floating effect. But I really liked this particular chain so I went for the both of them. I'd love feedback!

See more photos and info about King Pepe Necklace on my Etsy site or my full website.


  1. Hi Cadyn,
    The way the organza ribbon appears as a "shadow effect" of the chain makes this interesting. Using the two also balances the weight of the pendant. Very interesting design couldn't choose, but made an unusual choice that works. I like it!!!

  2. ooh, i like it too - i agree about the balanced weight - and the combination is ephemeral and interesting... i love this piece, and i think your new modeled photos show your work off beautifully.

  3. Thanks Donna and Zoe! Your words are so encouraging! I'm going to continue tinkering with finishing techniques, but it's good to know other people can look at this and think it works.