Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanksgiving in the South

My favorite pics from Thanksgiving in Savannah. Better late than never, no?

My Dad and his shadow, Rip (the whippet)

A surprisingly decent spontaneous photo of Isadora and me.

OK, I apologize for the blurry pic (and sorry, Mom) but I had to put this one in. My mom as she uncovered the (in?)famous cucumber-dill-sourcream-gelatin-aspic-mold-relish. In the shape of a fish.

Food! Lots of delicious brown casserole foods in all their glory! We literally (and gladly) ate leftovers in some form or other for the next three days. Best part of Thanksgiving. My Dad petitioned for my Mom's turkey pot pie to be a new tradition. And yes, those are three types of stuffing in the foreground.

Family photo courtesy of Uncle Rick. Thanks!
Dad, me, Mom, Isadora, Rip

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