Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ode to the Gray Day

This is my favorite kind of day. Of course, I won't turn down a bright, sunny afternoon perfect for a picnic or bike-riding. But this kind of day is completely ideal for so many things that we all want to do anyway, but might normally feel guilty about:

10. Sleeping in.
9. Wearing your pajamas all day long.
8. Watching Doris Day movies or really bad (bad=good) Lifetime movies from the 90s.
7. Crafting all day on the couch.
6. A Harry Potter movie-watchin' marathon.
5. Eating all day long.
4. A Harry Potter book-readin' marathon.
3. Pretending the electricity is out and turning out all the lights and using candles instead.
2. Taking a really long bubble bath until the water gets room temperature.
1. Staying in bed till 2pm with your kitties and/or significant other keeping you warm and toasty.

(A little side note: I do a lot of this stuff on a regular basis anyway. And I don't feel guilty.)

So what's not to love about a dreary day? I say embrace it in all its glory.


  1. Oh dreary Savannah days. Three hundred and sixty five (or six!) sunny Las Vegas days aren't as beautiful as one dreary Savannah day. *sigh*

    Now, TOO many dreary days in a row and I feel like, I dunno, killing puppies. Or goldfish.