Thursday, January 10, 2008

Backyard Farm

I just wanted to share a photo of our three pet chickens. The big red one is Lucinda, the grey one with feathered chaps on is Loretta, and the black French poodle is EmmyLou. Notice a theme? They absolutely love coming up onto the back porch and talking to us through the screen door (and no, I'm not turning into a crazy chicken lady). Sometimes we'll open up the door and say hi back to them, and they go crazy over that (OK, maybe I am). But they are so lovable and they each have completely different personalities! And I'm vegan in every other way except that I eat their eggs because they are amazingly fresh and healthy and delicious. I call myself an ovovegan. Trust me, you don't know what an egg tastes like until you've had a fresh one from a happy, vegetarian chicken right from your own backyard farm.

P.S.  I added some new earrings to my website!

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