Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Spring Happenings

I think this might just be the first real spring I've ever experienced. Down in Savannah, we would have a window of 2-3 weeks of azalea-blooming weather (just nice enough for the sand gnats to swarm...) in between the 39 degree and the 109 degree weather. Then, after moving up to the Virginia mountains, it was one "out of the ordinary" spring after another. Either extremely dry, or floods, or late blizzards, or exceptionally short. But this year I'm thinking, So this is what spring is like...

See more photos about spring on my other blog post, Immortal Mountain, here.

Home improvement projects! I have been wanting to build this towel rack for about a year and a half now, and yesterday was the day I finally did it.
Salvaged wood from garage + old hooks + sweat + tears = pretty!

Drew's mom and I planned a surprise birthday/retirement party for David, my step-father-in-law/all-around-family-handyman. He deserved something special!
(It fell on Mother's Day, so the party was kind of for Ann, too... I wish my mom could have been here!! Happy Mother's Day, Mom!)

David's granddaughters twirling their hearts out.

And on another note...
I love love love this building, and it turns out some friends of mine are rehabilitating it and turning it into a coffee roasting shop. The best part is it's only a block away from my shop! I know where I'll be going when I flip that Out to Lunch sign... They're keeping the mural, of course.

Some recent finds during thrift store scouring...

OK, look at every aspect of this cover. The eyes! The screaming coming from the box! The little rabbit by the tree! The title alone!

I almost bought this. Almost. It's holographic! And they're carelessly chasing a butterfly on the edge of a cliff!

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  1. Good things are happening in your town! That building looks awesome. If you aren't back on the coffee wagon yet, sounds like you'll have a good excuse soon. Happy spring:)