Monday, April 29, 2013

Things are blooming...

I finally caved into modern technological social networking and joined Facebook. And I went all out-- I made a personal page AND a business page! Mainly because it's kind of difficult with the way it works to network with people as a business, so I created a personal page to cross-connect. It's all way over my head now, but my sister (a Facebook veteran) promises to give me a tutorial soon.

If you're interested in following it, or liking it, here is a link for gathered on Facebook:

I just picked up these chairs that date back to the late 1800s-- they need work, but new seats will bring them back to life again, I think. I'm sort of in love with them, but I'm going to put them up for sale when they're done.

 Drew and I went on a hike recently, and I know dead trees aren't exactly something that blooms, but they were just beautiful.

 Moi, at our future swimming hole.

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